Diagnosed With Diabetes?

Here’s what to do next

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Finding out you have diabetes can be surprising. It’s natural to worry and wonder what to do. Diabetes is a serious condition, but you can help control it and prevent it from becoming worse. Follow these steps to help live a healthy, active life.

Understand your treatment
Be clear about the directions for taking medicine or checking blood sugar (glucose). Ask your doctor or diabetes educator to repeat instructions, or write them down to make sure you understand the information you get. Learn as much as you can about diabetes. Take a friend or family member to appointments to help listen and ask questions.

Make a meal plan
Eating well and on a regular schedule is important to keep blood sugar steady. Your doctor or a dietitian can help you with a plan for how much to eat and when. Don’t skip meals.

Stay active
Physical activity is a great way to manage diabetes. It helps to control blood sugar and prevent weight gain. Aim for 30 minutes a day. Ask your doctor about the best activities for you.

Watch your weight
Excess pounds make it harder to keep blood sugar steady. Ask your doctor about your target weight, and get advice to adjust your diet if necessary.

Get support
Ask family and friends to help. Explain to them what diabetes is and what it means for your lifestyle. A backup team can encourage you in your new healthy life.

Take it day by day
You may feel disappointed or upset to learn you have diabetes. Don’t beat up on yourself or feel hopeless about your future. You can do a lot to live well with diabetes. Think about what you can do tomorrow as you start on your new journey. Millions of other people with diabetes live happy, healthy lives. Do all you can to be one of them.


Move More
Walking, biking, swimming, dancing, and yard work are some of the ways to stay active.